14 October 2021

Our beta is live!

We launched the beta version of our platform to early adopters


We are excited to announce that our beta is now live and operating at full speed. In the beta version early adopters can already analyze over 50k publicly listed companies worldwide.

We are humbled by the interest in our product. Currently, we have sent invitations to 100+ users to join our closed-beta testing and received quality feedback on how to further improve our product. You can look forward to many exciting user-driven feature updates in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we expanded our team to nine professionals and made major advancements in our technology. Currently our AI has learned over 90 million connections between listed companies.

We want to thank all the early adopters who have supported us so far, and we are working hard to onboard the rest of our ever-expanding waitlist, which is currently spanning over 35 countries.

Don't miss out!

Sign up to our waitlist to reserve your spot as an early adopter.

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