All-encompassing company data

AI-Augmented Data

Unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence to supercharge your company research and analysis with Our cutting-edge AI Insights technology provides instantaneous overviews of company descriptions, business models, products & services, and related markets. Our powerful AI models generate insights based on the online data on 340 million companies to deliver precise matches tailored to your needs.

Leverage these innovative AI capabilities to gain a competitive edge, make well-informed decisions, and drive your business forward.

Faster company screening

AI Insights

Our AI Insights technology helps you understand the core aspects of a company's business. With just a few clicks on a company profile, users gain instantaneous access to invaluable insights that would otherwise require extensive manual research. Furthermore, the AI Insights feature provides concise yet comprehensive overviews of a firm's business model, product and service offerings, and related market niches.

In other words, eliminates the need for time-consuming web searches, allowing users to grasp the essence of a company's operations within seconds. Whether conducting competitive analysis, exploring potential investments, or evaluating strategic partnerships, AI Insights streamlines the research process, enabling users to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Mapping all relevant companies

Company Screening's cutting-edge AI models revolutionizes the company search and screening process. Built upon a vast online repository of unstructured text data from 340 million companies, our models enable users to find companies that precisely match their search criteria with unparalleled accuracy. By sourcing the latest data from online resources, ensures the information is always up-to-date and comprehensive, leaving no blind spots in the screening process.

Combined with the platform's extensive financial and ownership data, this AI-driven search capability represents a game-changing resource for analysts and researchers. Whether seeking potential acquisition targets, identifying new market entrants, or conducting in-depth competitive analysis,'s AI model streamlines the entire process, saving valuable time and effort while delivering unmatched precision and comprehensiveness.

Portfolio Management

AI Co-pilot for Private Equity helps with monitoring the performance of portfolio companies and identifying potential synergies or areas for improvement.

For private equity firms, our database can assist in managing your portfolio companies by providing a comprehensive view of the corporate structure, subsidiaries, and related entities.

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