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On top of comparing companies, our AI can now compare markets and identify niches, drivers and trends.

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AI Insights beta
AI Insights BETA

Understand drivers of valuation and performance

With AI Insights, you can effortlessly chart your selected companies against their closest competitors and markets using key financial metrics and valuation drivers
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Grasp markets with generative AI

With AI Insights, you can gain an understanding about business models, related market niches, trends and products related to your analysis
Grasp markets with generative AI
Company and market comparisons
Company and market comparisons

Unlock hidden performance insights

Our AI recognizes the related companies and markets of your current analysis and charts their performance by financials
Industry segmentations
Industry segmentations

Understand the players in each market segment

Utilize AI-identified company groupings to analyze all closeby market players and segments. Select any related market segment to uncover the companies under analysis!
Geographic regions
Geographic regions

Compare geographic regions by performance

Our AI automatically finds the most similar company groups in each key geographic region, providing you unparalleled regional valuation and performance insights.
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