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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

With, you no longer have to spend hours looking through traditional databases for company/market screening. Let us handle the boring tasks, so you can enhance your corporate finance workflow.

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Corporate Finance

Buyer Analysis

Company Screening

Market Research

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Accessible companies globally


Faster company screening


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Corporate Finance

Access to over 330M public and private companies

We have the world's most extensive database of public and private companies - using you minimize the risk of blindspots in your analysis.

330M+ Companies
Public + Private
Ownership data


Uncover the ins and outs of companies & markets with our AI Insights feature

Our AI Insights technology provides real-time automated analysis and augmented descriptions of companies using the latest data to compare business models, market trends and uncover actionable strategic insights.


Business model
Products & Services
Market trends
Customer segments

Identify relevant companies faster using AI

Our AI instantly screens companies to find the closest comparable matches to your target based on customized search filters, saving you hours of manual searching and screening.


Business descriptions
AI analysis
Customized filtering
Advanced keyword search

Benchmark your target & peer group

Effortlessly benchmark your analysis to other relevant players, industries or regions. The AI Insights graph view will help you position your asset, enabling more data-driven decisions for your valuation analysis.


AI clustering
Market segments
Valuation multiples
Market insights

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